Dragonhill Books is born!

I have started a new company to publish and sell the fiction books that Mark has written over the last 30 years – history, mystery, science fiction, etc. Most will be e-published. Two are in print and available now: Imperial Marin and Tiffany and the Lowlifes.

Imperial Marin takes place in a futuristic Marin County that has separated from the US after a revolution. Now run by three hero-kings, there are no taxes, no standing army, an educated and employed public. People have chosen to live in an environmentally sound, absolutely democratic and free socity.  This is a story for adult readers who are seeking an epic new myth-saga of political science-fiction/fantasy. Special into rate of $20 includes postage.

Tiffany and the Lowlifes is an Alice-in-Wonderland-type story set in modern San Francisco.  This is a story about a ‘little rich girl’ and her friend, Jonny.  Sub-human creatures living underground want to take revenge on the ‘topsider’ humans. Jonny discovers the lowlife plot, and fights to save the City. This books is full of fantasy, adventure, and lessons about friendship. It will appeal to ages 8 to adult.  Special intro rate of $8 includes postage.

Email me at dragonhillbooks@yahoo.com to place an order or send to me at Dragonhill Books, PO Box 2358, San Anselmo, CA 94979.


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