Delicious Kiss

Written by a dear friend of ours….

Divinely formed with ease of entry

Who expects to feel this friendly-

The pass key to hearts responds with favour

Intimate souls who know their likeness

At Home where ever they go…

At this moment on the world stage

While we wait for the verdict, the outcome of our fate

What will it be, more disease, degrading slavery, the coup de grace for Humanity

Or likeliest of them all, and a sure bet (the best players of this Game have gone double or nothing since they were born)- the emancipation of our race entire

As foretold by our most passionate and rapt poets and prophets 

Into a global mood of inner Glory, riotous laughter and unimaginable Splendours…

It will make all of our past religions and politics look silly, and utterly insignificant 

Screaming electric have the eons rolled by looking for Lovers who scorn intervals!

(What or who could possibly be more sacred or divine than you or me?)

Beyond the world, myself surpassed, a vision of Immensity

Anchored fast to thin aired Grace, supreme creative Identity 

I rose to hear the trumpet notes, my Intimates among the Hosts

To search the searing gorgeous Blue, I gave my heart full force to You

What suffering prescribed on Man, received with strong desire

For aspirations cannot die and love to feel inspired

Along the spotted outstretched coast, past the highways filled with gravel

Earth is where we leave the nest, fake Death is how we all must travel

Repeating that the worst is best, investing truth dissolving sorrow

The Joy of Freedom flings the Soul, it’s Bliss is inexhaustible 

Dorian 04/05/2020

The above was called forth by my cherished muses (our shared beating Heart)

Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Jo Ann Richards, Captain Mark Richards,

And the Dragon Raptors who complete the Circle

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