Mark Richards and the Secret Space Program

By Jo Ann Richards

I believe that there are many Cold War heroes who have served their countries and humanity, and can’t talk about it.

My husband, Capt. Mark Richards, is such a hero.

Mark, was born in 1953 in San Rafael.  Due to his father’s and his own military careers, Mark has lived, traveled, and worked all over the world. Mark learned fencing, martial arts & several languages as a child.  He could handle a gun at age 3. He was around personnel and equipment with his father from a young age. He often played in ward rooms and map rooms, picking up interesting tidbits because no one suspected that he’d remember what they were talking about. He went with Rich to many meetings and bases.

In July, 1960, the family moved to England. While at a military facility with his father, Mark had played with the code machines, seeing several messages that he shouldn’t have. When his father was trying to reprimand him, Mark said that, “They weren’t talking about rocket launchings. They were talking about people being on the moon and on Mars…not in the future, but now.”

He has been around aliens and elementals from childhood.

In June 1961 the Exeter Interstellar Treaty Conference was held in Devon and Cornwall, England.  Mark was almost 8; one of a few human children allowed to be there.

Mark is highly educated. He is a published writer, accomplished filmmaker and publisher.  He has been incarcerated since July 1982 for a crime he did not commit – because he fought the New World Order and their plans for humanity. Prison was a good way to get him out their way and ruin his reputation and credibility as an honorable military officer.

Mark began his military career as a teenager. At age 16 he worked on a top-secret project at Lockheed and was also a consultant in Vietnam. He was a lieutenant during the Vietnam War flying helicopters. In 1973, he went to Chile pretending to be just a student while acting as a courier for his father; got caught up in the fighting as the military coup occurred. In 1975 he helped with the evacuation of Saigon. After Vietnam, he lateraled to Navy captain and was involved with Air Force Special Forces.

During the summer of 1970, Bamburgh Castle in England become a major training base to create a working bond between the Draconian Empire (Raptors, not Draco) and the humans. This Imperial Fleet training program was a big step in that direction. Mark was to be one of the human cadets.

In Oct. 1971, the next big conference took place in Persepolis, Iran, former capital of Persian Empire, using the cover of the celebration of Iran’s 2500-year anniversary of the founding of the Iranian monarchy – an elaborate set of festivities.  It took several years to organize. Mark’s father, then commander of International Security (UN-created intelligence agency) was directly involved with organization and safety of conference.  Mark was now an adult and worked with UN security personnel.

Most of Mark’s intense work occurred from 1976-1982. Some missions involved drug interdiction duty; some involved fighting aliens on and off Earth. He has operated both naval vessels and various aircraft, including an SR-71 and alien spacecraft called MINERVA.  In March 1978, he was assigned to the Top Secret Aurora project and went deeper in the world of amazing futuristic technology and ‘black ops’ secrets. I will soon post a copy of this assignment document.

In July 1976, he was involved with the Battle of China Gates at the Antarctic and over China. Intelligence forces learned of a threat to take over the Earth by former Nazis and a faction of the Reptilian Empire.  A network of tectonic weapons was set to initiate massive earthquakes around the world while an invasion force would enter through dimensional gates over China.  A 7.8 earthquake occurred on July 28.  The night preceding the earthquake, July 27-28, many people reported seeing strange lights as well as loud sounds. The catastrophe was meant to cover a large abduction of humans.

Mark’s father, commander of the mission, led the human forces in the Antarctic to attack the secret base where the tectonic weapon was located. At the time of this mission, Mark was an officer of the US military and the UN. His assignment was to command as many advanced craft as could be put airborne. His personal craft was to be the MINERVA, an alien-technology ‘living’ thinking craft that used a mind-control interphase between the ship and its human pilot.

In September 1977, Mark and his father were involved with the Battle of the Harvest Moon.  There was an alien plan to attack the human base on the Moon and invade Earth.  An invasion force was massing out by Saturn. The enemy hit the Rockefeller Moon Base with neutron radiation. As the enemy fleet turned its attentions on attacking Earth, Mark’s father set his battle plans in motion.  From behind Earth, came four squadrons of Nazi saucers and their four support ‘motherships,’ our enemies just the year before.

As Mark reported, “The amazing battle that now took place around me had all the appeal of some movie epic, as the best science of a dozen civilizations smashed into each other with violence so brutal and without pity that one prayed it was some vast creation of fiction.  Thousands of lives were lost in seconds, and ships that had cost the entire income for a planet for a year to build were exploded and imploded before their crews knew they had been hit.  No scientific ‘paper’ or military report could do it justice.  This was the ultimate ‘dog fight,’ with the ultimate rewards going to the victors…and the whole thing was over in less than 90 seconds.”

With the combined efforts of the human Deep Space Fleet, Oceanics, MINERVA, and our Nazi allies, Earth and humanity was saved once again from non-human invaders.

In May 1978 there was a UFO crash in Tarija, Bolivia. As head of Operation Moondust at the time, Mark was tasked with getting to the site. He did so, along with other groups that wanted to claim the downed craft. After a brief conflict, Mark’s group (be it US military or International Security forces) was the victors. He helped the small insect creatures (that became our allies) to establish a base on Earth.

An alien peace conference was to take place on Vesta (between Mars and Jupiter) in August 1979.  Our Deep Space Fleet was sent there as some problems presented themselves. For this mission, Mark was captain of the Valkerie. He was the youngest UN officer, and the youngest commander of a Deep Space Fleet ship. The fleet was informed of an ambush on the Nordic base by the insectoid Trog species.  Their intention was to then use a super-weapon at the base to attack Earth. A large battle ensued. The Deep Space Fleet survived to fight another day.

In the Fall of 1979, Mark commanded one squad of several that attacked the alien base in Dulce, New Mexico. As many know, this underground base was the site of horrific experiments and torture of human victims. A small military group organized and executed a rescue mission. Years later, Mark helped edit a report about the base and this mission. It was presented to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in December 2001.

Mark was involved in many other missions that he cannot share with us. We are fortunate to have the little-known history that he has been able to share. I have reports about the missions mentioned above available through my non-profit, Earth Defense Headquarters,