Spring in Marin

@2011 by Mark Richards

It was easy to love the jubilance of Spring,

When leaves and flowers burgeon forth,

And children exulted in the mirth of bird songs,

                Resounding through the redwoods.

And one may relish seeing the meadows,

Adorned with hikers and picnickers’ pavilions;

Great was my happiness,

When the fields were packed with unarmored lovers.


Other Road

Just for fun…

Some people like the freeways
Where they can travel real fast;
I like the country byways,
Edged with flowers and grass.

I’m not so fond of roads,
Built by engineering skill;
Give me a trail with no loads,
That winds around every hill.

I like roads where I can see
Trees towering in the sky;
Cattle resting in the shade,
A rippling stream nearby.

I want to look over fields
That flow with waves of warm grain;
Or vast forests painted green
And fresh from a summer rain.

I tire of long concrete roads
Although they’re smooth and wide;
Give me a path of loud toads
With trees standing on each side.

– Mark Richards, 2012