Attack on Mark Richards

“My family and I found ourselves in an unenviable position this winter, as the Fake News pundits set some English cyber bully into full attack mode in our direction. He opened his attack with a series of interviews with some questionably one-sided ‘witnesses.’

“It provides an interesting lesson in how the New World Order attacks and destroys people that it considers a threat, and opens up a number of questions concerning how the public needs to react to clean up this growing dangerous situation…

“…I consider it something of a compliment and a verification that my efforts in the field have been on the right track. Are the accusations painful and hard to take without reacting? Of course they are. Having my wife accosted in public lectures by some crazed English pervert in bad makeup to disguise himself from the authorities is not something that I am happy about.  Having a small number of people from my past come forward to slander and and parrot what the NWO-backed Fake News slime suggests irritates but is almost meaningless…” – Mark Richards

This page will address the concerns about my husband’s court case and his involvement with the Secret Space Program. Most of our answers will be presented after Kevin Moore’s documentary is aired. Just as in any criminal case, it is not the defendant’s job to prove innocence, but the prosecution’s task to prove guilt.  Upon the advice of Mark’s current attorneys, we are not going to start providing numerous items in our defense as they will probably be twisted in a further attempt to discredit us.

That being said, in the near future I will post things such as a few military documents, photos, and the full essay by Mark about cyber-bullying and the tactics used by the government/New World Order to destroy people.

Let me say that I have known Mark for 21+ years; married to him for 16+ years. I’ve done my homework. I don’t blindly believe what he tells me. I’m not gullible and dumb as some think. I have seen the evidence at our home that his family was everything that he’s told me. I have seen documents that show the top secret nature of his and his father’s work. I have seen all the documents relating to his arrest and trial.

It is not my intention to engage in a negative conversation with anyone. I will answer questions as time permits. After all, I do have a business to run which is totally unrelated to this topic or my non-profit.